Civil Ceremony & Marriage paperwork in Italy – Translations service

Our Team can follow all the legal procedures to get married in Italy, regardless of your citizenship.

Our experts have more than 15 years of experience dealing with consulates and embassies of all countries in Italy.

Paperwork Experts

If you are keen to have a legal ceremony in Italy and need guidance on paperwork to produce, we can help you with all.

  • CNI

    If you’re going overseas to get married, you may need a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI). Authorities overseas may ask for a CNI to prove you’re free to marry.


    An Atto Notorio (Sworn Affidavit) is an affidavit to be done prior the wedding in an Italian Consulates in Australia or in the US.

  • Sworn Declarations

    A sworn declaration form is a document that allows users to provide information without testifying under oath.

  • Translations

    If you live in the US but get married overseas and the document is issued in a different language, you will need the translation to register the marriage in the United States.

  • Marriage Certifications

    A marriage certificate is an official document that proves two people are married.

    It should not be confused with a marriage license which (in the United States) is a document you obtain before your wedding ceremony which authorizes you to get married.

  • Legal Interpreter

    Legal Interpreter is present at a civil ceremony in Italy, and at the legal appointment at the Town Hall.

We will explain all the paperwork procedures to get legally married in Italy, including CNI, Atto Notorio, Sworn Declarations, Legalisation, etc.

Our paperwork experts can translate and legalize all necessary documents for the court.
After the ceremony, we can also get the final legalization of the certificate of matrimony after the civil ceremony to bring back to your country to register.

We can also provide a legal interpreter for the legal appointment to the town hall before the wedding and then officially translate the civil ceremony in Italy on your wedding day,